Extended Reality

Xylophone mobile app

A playable PVC Xylophone for the mobile phone.

A complete exact copy of a tube Xylophone has been rendered with Blender and developed with Unity, to create a playable tube Xylophone which can by fully rotated vertically.

Project info


Art of Teaching

This application has been developed on request by the UCLL’s “Art of Teaching” center of expertise. The Art of Teaching expertise centre develops didactic expertise that goes beyond the purely offering efficient didactic methods. Didactics is the art of teaching to shape students to help them learn to give meaning to the world. Only through the involvement in a ‘shared cause’ between the teacher and the pupil becomes the learning pathway also a life path (curriculum vitae). In this case, we wanted to develop a realistic tube xylophone, which can be playable on a mobile device. Even the sounds it creates are accurate, so that it can actually be used in music classes.

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