about us


XPLab, which is the result of a mixture of people from 2 different cells of expertise of UCLL (Digital Solutions and Smart Organisations), works with the newest technology available on the market to provide innovative and durable solutions. XPLab is currently especially involved in projects concerning education, healthcare and logistics.

Experience a new age of technology

Innovative technology is evolving fast and most of it is readily available. However, the main consumer/B2B markets mainly stay behind using conventional technology, as it provides for a safe haven. At XPLab we want to provide businesses with an easier transition to utilising innovative technology, by lowering the barrier for development of a specific use case. As we believe conventional technology won’t be enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Are you ready to stand out and to enter the multiverse of Extended Reality, Robotics and/or Drones?

Our Approach

We always just start with an exploratory meeting where we discover the needs of out customer. When we are aware of the needs, we can start designing a solution. From the solution a technical document will derrive of the to be developed product, after which our developers and/or graphical designers can go to work to develop a proof-of-concept. When the proof-of-concept has been developed, the customer can decide to bring the product in development or not.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to lower the barrier to advance in utilising innovative technology, which often can create more durable solutions over the convential technologies. Besides durability, it will also make you stand out more from the crowd, as innovative technology always stirs up curiousity. If you’re not sure of the possibilities, we will be there to aid in developing a first working proof-of-concept.

Our Vision

Creating a landscape in which it seems normal to adapt to innovative technology and thus making innovative technology available for everyone.

Dave Seré

Managing Director

Dave is the head responsible for XPLab and secures a managed workflow for every project of XPLab. Being the head responsible of XPLab, everyone reports to him about their project status.

Laura Campbell

Graphic designer

Laura is a 3D artist and concept designer and the head of XPlab’s creative department, making sure we have a coherent styling for each of our projects. Together with the developers, she makes sure that the development team has the objects needed so that development of the application can progress.

Robbe Decraemer


Robbe is part of the development team, where he mainly develops VR/AR, mobile and web applications in Unity. He has worked on well-known apps like Discord and is involved in international groups of multiplayer game developers.

David Vandenbroeck

Project manager

David keeps track of the progress of the project and its tasks to guarantee deadlines are being met.He ensures the workload remains in balance for everyone and that no one needs to go into overdrive.

Siegmund Leducq


Siegmund is head of the development team, making sure the our the perfect fit of technologies are chosen.

Vincent Katsoulis

Graphic designer

Vincent is a 3D artist and concept designer and sculptures 3D objects, after which blend shapes and animations are added. He is very experienced in flat design and therefore the perfect person for designing the front-end of XPLab’s applications.

Kenny Lacroix

IOT expert/Developer

Kenny is a real tinkerer and thus our expert in the world of the Internet of Things.

Brecht Philtjens


Brecht is part of the development team, making sure the connection between the front-end and back-end is made. He loves to find efficient and creative solutions for problems in different fields like distributed applications, software engineering or scripting.

Reinoud Berkein


Reinoud is part of the development team, making sure the connection between the front-end and back-end is made.