Extended Reality

VISIT Leuven

“Fonske” in your Living room

Using Augmented Reality, we have made it possible to sightsee Leuven inside of your own living room. Place, for example, the famous statue “Fonske” in your living room, while a spoken exaplanation is given to you about Fonske. 

Project info


The city of Leuven

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many public events were not possible anymore, as were many tourist tours in Leuven. Yet, Leuven still housed many international students in Leuven. In order to keep tourist tours in the city of Leuven available, also remotely, XPLab has developed an AR-based mobile application which can guide you through the city of Leuven. On a map of Leuven, you can see the verious points of interest that have been virtually added to the mobile application. Either at home or nearby the POI, you can choose to view that specific POI in augmented reality on you mobile device. While doing so, an audio file is also being played, giving you all the interesting information of that POI.

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