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The Artemis Journey

Introducing STE(A)M and AR with the Artemis Journey

Experience firsthand the intricacies of rocket science as you learn about various spacecraft and become part of the mission.

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Techniek- en Wetenschapsacademie (TWA)

In order to promote STE(A)M in Flanders, the Techniek- en Wetenschapsacademie (TWA) provides after school workshops to pupils aged 4-18 years old. They have several workshops they can provide at schools or at their own location. However, this does limit the capacity of pupils they can reach. In order to expand their reach, XPLab has developed a mobile application in collaboration with TWA about space travel, based on the Artemis mission of NASA. In order to promote the “ART” part of steam, more focus is put on the artwork of the game with the addition of augmented reality (AR). Users of the game can thus visualise certain artwork (like the space rockets) in AR. This way they can also see what the scale of a space rocket would be if they would stand next to it.



In the modern world, where technology and innovation shape our daily lives, equipping students with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STE(A)M) has become crucial. STE(A)M education encourages a multidisciplinary approach to learning, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. By integrating these disciplines, students gain the necessary tools to navigate an ever-evolving landscape and prepare for future careers. In this article, we will explore the significance of STE(A)M education for pupils and how it unlocks pathways to success.



STE(A)M education emphasizes critical thinking skills by encouraging students to analyze problems, ask questions, and seek innovative solutions. It equips them with the ability to think logically, evaluate evidence, and make informed decisions. By engaging in hands-on activities and experiments, pupils learn to approach challenges with an open mind and develop a curiosity-driven mindset, fostering lifelong learning.

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