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Stad Leuven Holo

Town Hall: new purpose and restoration

What better to showcase innovation with a hologram of the new Town Hall of Leuven? In addition, making it possible to also visualise the most important times in history of the Town Hall.

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Visualising changes in Holographic imaging

The city of Leuven has prepared a plan until 2029 for the renovation of the city hall (ref. https://www.leuven.be/ontwerp-van-het-toekomstige-stadhuis). To inform the residents (and tourists) of Leuven about this transformation in a unique way, they approached us. For this project, we have chosen to provide a visual idea of the changes to the city hall through holographic projection. However, it’s not just the transition from the current city hall to the new city hall that will be depicted; there will also be the opportunity to travel back in time (up to the 12th century). Using a touchscreen and a slider, passersby of the kiosk (with holographic projectors) will be able to choose a period in which the city hall underwent changes and receive additional information about Leuven during that period. The city hall was carefully modeled in Blender for each period based on documents from the Leuven archives to represent it as accurately as possible.

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