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Training caretakers in VR to recognise domestic violence 

Signs of domestic violence can be noticed by children’s reaction (signs of stress) on certain surrounding events. Noticing these signs are crucial for caretakers to be able to act 

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Mimicking signs of stress of babies/toddlers

ECLIPS is a European project led by the “Resilient People” expertise center of UCLL, for which XPLab is responsible for developing a mobile VR application to train caregivers in childcare centers to recognize domestic violence. During the approach of this project, it became clear that empathy is an important focal point and that childcare providers cannot simply be sent to a training program. Therefore, it was decided to use Virtual Reality (VR) to virtually immerse childcare providers in a possible situation where young children (0.5-2.5 years old) are involved in a scenario likely to involve domestic violence or neglect. In this project, the focus was not only on the behavior of the parents but also on that of the young children. However, this makes the project quite challenging because children aged 0.5-2.5 years are not capable of “acting.” It is also not possible to elicit specific reactions from a baby who is not in a household where domestic violence occurs for a particular situation. Therefore, the decision was made to fully construct the virtual world using 3D models and direct it in Blender, instead of filming scenarios in, for example, 360°. The application was eventually developed in Unity, without any specific framework, for desktop as well as Android and iOS. This was a significant challenge for XPLab, but it provides them with full control over the facial expressions of both the parents and the babies.

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