Creating innovative solutions
by designing and developing digital experiences.

At XPLab we follow a structured journey from design thinking to the development of a working proof-of-concept. In addition, we are passionate about research and education. Gathering and distributing knowledge is what we do on a daily basis. Especially when working with fast evolving technology, it is crucial to continuously learn and keep evolving with the technology.

At XPLab we both work with fixed team members as well as with a rotating pool of students. This makes us very flexible to quickly adapt to the current needs and workload.

Concept Design and artwork

Having our own in-house graphic designers allows us to think about the design of the application from the beginning.

In-house art designers

Design thinking

In-house conceptualists


When the concept of the application is clear, development can start.

In-house Developers

Our Approach

We love to work side by side with ambitious perfectionist and challenge-loving clients.


We believe in design partnership and co-creation. We like to discuss, plan and be a part of your team. Only sharing same vision can achieve great results.



We work closely and listen to our clients. We carefully research them to understand their story.



We believe in strong and continous relationships. We aim to become a trusted partner of our clients, not just a service provider.



We commit to clients with time efficiency, production, and flexible development frameworks that connects with users in all environments.